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Below is a selection of the documentary films we have produced, many of which are available to order on DVD.

Black Angels

A Widening Vision

Europeans did not see when they occupied Australia, the so called Terra Nullius, that for more than forty thousand years a sophisticated culture, rich in art and language and profoundly rich in mythology and spiritual life, had existed among the Australian Aboriginals. More

Running time: 54 minutes


The Islands they Named Samoa

SAMOANA recounts events and personages of Samoa's history in it's 3,000 years of settlement.. More

Running time: 52 minutes

Two Worlds of Sydney Dance Company

The Sydney Dance Company are the beautiful people of Australia’s arts world, prepared to spend their brief dancer’s life performing the risky and passionate choreography of Graeme Murphy. More

Running time: 54 Minutes

Pacifica - The Book

Myth, Magic and Traditional Wisdom from the Islands of the South Pacific.

A large format book (hardcover with jacket) published by Angus & Robertson and based on Juniper Films' 13 part-Television series, PACIFICA - Tales from the South Seas. More

Robert Louis Stevenson

Requiem for a Poet

“I love this land and I have chosen it to be my home while I live and my grave after I am dead.
And I love the people and have chosen them to be my people to live and die with".

Running time: 14 min

O Samoa

An award winning film (Best Film “Gold Kompass” - Prix ITB BERLIN 1999) and vivid portrait of Samoa, its landscape, culture and customs, both traditional and contemporary – a film without words - only natural sounds and music. More

Running time: 16 min

Samoa I Sisifo

Samoa's 10th Anniversary of Independence

Western Samoa was the first independent nation in the South Pacific. Clips from this archival film, SAMOA I SISIFO may be seen in the film, SAMOA THE JOURNEY More

Spirit of Fiji

The Land and the Legends

A cultural film promoting Fiji and now included in DVD "Fiji, the Land and the Legends" under the title 'Vanua'. More

Running time: 18 min

Wedding in Nuku'Alofa

Tonga is the last remaining Polynesian Kingdom in the South Pacific and when the eldest grand-daughter of Their Majesties King Taufa’ahu Tupou IV and Queen Halaevalu Mata’aho marries, it is a very important occasion. More

Running time: 42 min

Tonga Royal

The first film commissioned by the Government of Tonga to promote their early tourism industry. More

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