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Below are a selection of our films shot in Africa / Europe.

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Frozen Music

The Sydney Opera House - It's more than just opera

“Winged gothic” is how Yehudi Menuhin described Sydney’s Opera House. “Music and architecture are related in the sense that they both share structures" he continued. "A great cathedral can be thought of as frozen music”. More

Running time: 53 min



Filmed in 1976, "Ten Times Empty" recalls this small Aegean island at a time when there were no cars on the island. Donkeys were the only means of transport and Tourism was in its infancy. And local fishermen's catches were diminishing. More

Running time: 38 min

Black Angels

A Widening Vision

Europeans did not see when they occupied Australia, the so called Terra Nullius, that for more than forty thousand years a sophisticated culture, rich in art and language and profoundly rich in mythology and spiritual life, had existed among the Australian Aboriginals. More

Running time: 54 minutes

Bill, Peggy, Royal and friends

London Horses

London is a city which has time for the horse. More

Running time: 25 min

Peggy Glanville-Hicks

A Modern Odyssey

The fiery journey of a courageous and passionate woman through many countries and many friendships, through great loves and tireless work brought her to a spectacular triumph. More

Running time: 57 min

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man

At the age of 101 years, Desiderius Orban was still immersed in creativity and art. He forgot how to grow old. More

Running time: 54 min