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Traditional and Historical

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Robert Louis Stevenson came to Samoa in 1890. He had battled all his life with tuberculosis and in Samoa’s warm and friendly world, he seemed to find his health again.

He cared about his new country and its people. REQUIEM for a POET tells how Samoans came to recognise him as a wise and caring friend who fought for justice for them. He asked for nothing. The Samoans in turn grew to love and respect him.

The mysterious disappearance of an inter-island trading vessel, 'Joyita' is the subject of JOURNEY to the UNKNOWN. It tells how the vessel was found abandoned and drifting far out at sea in 1955. There was no trace of passengers nor crew.

Two short stories, RITES of COURAGE and PATH of the BUTTERFLY vividly describe reasons why Samoans, both male and female, endure discomfort and pain in order to have the historical Samoan tattoo incised on their skin in the traditional manner.

Hollywood came to Samoa in 1953 to make its first major film overseas. MY NAME IS GARY COOPER tells what happened when the star of the film, a movie idol, arrived!

RACE to the SUN focuses on the villages where selected crew members prepare for the intense competition of the annual fautasi (long boat) races.

SAMOANA presents a short history of Samoa up until Independence in 1972.

Format: DVD      Running time: 65 minutes